Saturday, November 28, 2009


I love this skirt! I've been trying to find a jean skirt for a while but I've had no luck. So I got this instead. I love the color, the pockets, and the ribbon tie thing. (TSA)

black cardigan sweater. 50% .99 cents!! (TSA)

dress <3>

I saw this shirt and HAD to get it. you can't tell but it has owls all over it. Kind of matches your necklace Steph. (goodwill)

probably the best find of the day. My mom found this jacket for me and it was 50% 12.99, but it's the lucky brand!! So it's a super good deal! (TSA)

cute flip flops! (TSA)
p.s. so one of the places we went was The Salvation Army where everything was 50% off. So I got five things there, plus my mom got a few things (one of them being a little bit more money), and all of it together was about $20 because my mom also gets an employee discount.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Owl necklace.. it is now my favorite necklace in THE WORLD.

Neat wall art to counter my ugly bathroom wallpaper [right???]

White saltwaters. I already have navy blue ones, but white are just so much more versatile :D

I think I've been waiting to pick up a pair of gladiator sandals at thrift stores for my entire life. The minute I found these, I almost started weeping. JK.

Black shoes. Because you can never have enough black shoes, right?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Salvation Army

Went to The Salvation Army thrift store today. I got:
1. a super cool dinosaur t-shirt
2. a black t-shirt with converse type of shoes (perfect for me)
3. and a cardigan that I've been looking and finally found.
*special thing about shopping at The Salvation Army (especially today), everything was 50% PLUS my mom gets the employee discount.